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Soldering Services in McKinney, Texas

Sheet Metal Soldering in DFW, Texas

Soldering Services in McKinney, Texas

In architecture and other applications, sheet metal needs to be joined with strong, precise, fluid-tight soldering. At Legends Sheet Metal, we offer sheet metal soldering services throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area, providing professional joints on site.

With the best tools in the business and years of experience, we can efficiently work on your metal soldering needs. Every joint is crafted with purpose and expertise, ensuring your soldered metal has the strength, durability, and ability to perform its task even in trying environments.

Common in roofing, sheet metal soldering is perfect for securing flashing elements, conforming to gaps and spaces in roofing designs, and waterproofing pans, exhausts, and other vulnerable areas. When soldering alone might not be up to the pressures of the job, you can combine it with riveting services to have a strong joint that is still secure against ingress. Contact us today to learn more about our services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Stainless-Steel Soldering

Soldering stainless steel is a precise craft that requires a delicate touch and ample experience and proficiency. This isn’t like joining a few wires in your garage. The knowledge of metals, temperatures and applications must be deep to avoid corrosion or compromising the stainless steel.

That’s why Legends Sheet Metal offers this service to businesses throughout the Dallas, TX area. We can perform professional stainless-steel soldering wherever you need it, and we can offer our experience as a resource to plan joints that will serve their purpose without becoming compromised. 

We do both large-scale and precision soldering, allowing you to utilize stainless steel wherever you need it in your application. You can have weatherproof components that hold under intense pressure without letting water or other fluids through.

Galvanized Steel Soldering

For rugged and outdoor applications, galvanized steel components are often the only choice. Joints for this durable metal are rarely simple and easy, and they require a knowing hand to craft them in just the right way. Using galvanized steel means that you need durability to match the precise work, and that’s what we offer.

Our galvanized steel soldering techniques are long-practiced and expertly developed. We can craft joints that are strong, flexible, resistant to corrosion and perform specific purposes within any structure or application. From fencing to commercial construction, galvanized steel soldering is an affordable way to make corrosion-resistant components that don’t let water and other ingress threats through the first line of defense.

To learn more about our custom metal fabrication and soldering services in McKinney, TX, contact Legends Sheet Metal today.