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Metal Siding Fabrication in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Siding is an important component of any building. From storm protection to greater energy efficiency, there are many key benefits that come along with great siding. Although property owners have many options when it comes to this important building material, metal siding is one of the top choices. If you’re searching for top-of-the-line metal siding fabrication in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, then Legends Sheet Metal is the team for the job. From our highly advanced equipment to our experienced staff, we can help design any metal siding fabrication project you have in mind. In addition, we carry a wide array of sheet metal options, so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need.

Residential Metal Siding Panels

If you’re remodeling a home or building from scratch, siding is a vital aspect that can’t be overlooked. If you end up choosing a low-quality siding option, you could experience poor energy efficiency, less structural support, and a home that doesn’t look pleasing to the eye. In addition, poor siding can lead to costly replacement services down the road. With all that being said, you deserve to work with the top-tier metal fabricators here at Legends Sheet Metal. 

If you’re a Dallas/Fort Worth area contractor that’s trying to obtain superior siding for your clients, then we’re the perfect team for the job. We work with many contractors on a daily basis to solve their needs with efficiency, low prices, and exceptional customer service. And no matter what type of residential metal siding you have in mind, there’s a good chance we have a solution.

Commercial Metal Siding

Commercial buildings often have different requirements when it comes to their siding needs. If you’re looking for an amazing commercial metal siding fabrication team in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, then turn to the experts here at Legends Sheet Metal. No matter what shape, size, or type of sheet metal you have in mind, there’s a solid chance we can handle the job with ease. We are fortunate to have multiple metal fabrication machines that allow us to cut, bend, and design just about any sheet metal project.

Types of Metal Siding We Fabricate

Flat Metal Siding

When working on a siding service for a commercial or residential building, flat siding is an option that many customers will choose. Flat metal siding offers a very sleek look and is common when searching for a modern feel. Furthermore, flat metal siding provides the perfect protection from any type of weather. Luckily, we have many flat sheet metal options to choose from!

Corrugated Metal Siding

Aside from flat sheet metal, another popular option is corrugated sheet metal. Instead of a flat surface, corrugated styles have grooves, or waves, in the metal that give off a very pleasing appearance. Here at Legends Sheet Metal, we are able to design and shape a wide variety of corrugated siding styles.

If you’re looking for the most experienced team of metal siding fabricators in Dallas/Fort Worth, look no further than Legends Sheet Metal. Located in McKinney, TX, we craft metal siding that exactly meets the specifications of your residential or commercial building project. Contact us today to learn more.