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Custom Metal Fabrication in McKinney, Texas

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication in McKinney, Texas

High-quality sheet metal is often the only material that can do an important job. From electronic components to architectural superstructure, sheet metal can be found everywhere. If you need custom sheet metal work, you need a fabricator that can meet your specs without driving prices through the roof. You need expertise and experience to be on your side. At Legends Sheet Metal, we can offer all of that to every business in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas region.

We specialize in a wide range of fabrication techniques. We can punch, shear, roll, weld, solder, and more. With our large bag of options, we can help you find the best metal solutions to your challenges, and then we can make those solutions into reality. No matter what kind of metal work you need done, completing your project starts with a look at our fabrication services. And at first glance, you’ll see that we have mastered all the metals you could want to use in your project.

Types of Sheet Metal We Use

At Legends Sheet Metal, we work with ferrous and nonferrous metals. We have experience with most forms of steel and aluminum, and we also work with soft metals. If it qualifies as a metal, there’s a good chance we’re experienced in its fabrication. Stainless steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, brass, silver, copper, mild steel, and traditional sheet metals are all within our purview.

Our sheets can be used for awnings, coverings, gutters, and any other general application you might have in mind. For more specialized purposes, we can help you get creative and craft sheet metal for applications across the board. With our range of machines and techniques, we can make sheets of any required thickness, durability and other specifications. Even with sheet metal, we can do custom forms that allow you to adapt your sheets to more advanced uses, and you can get all of these options from a single service provider.

Our Machines

You always need the right tool for the job, and we have a tool for almost any job.

Our Roper Whitney autobrake makes short work of bending even the strongest and thickest metals.

Our Roper Whitney shear uses high-carbon and high-chrome blades to cut stainless steel up to 18 gauge.

Our Tennsmith hand brake provides precision bending for complex shapes of hard metals.

Our Rams 2014 auxiliary machine can produce 11 separate profiles, including acme double seams, Pittsburgh locks, and right-angle flanges, to name just a few.

With high-end, precision machinery, we can fabricate metals into any form you need, and we can do it with minimal delays. You can get your forms to custom specifications, and you can trust that they are crafted to the highest quality every time.

Whether you need a vent cap for a roof, a gravel guard for your property or any number of other forms, we have experience in making it, and we can customize it to your exact needs. We’re always happy to help solve problems, and we love using our professional equipment to do the job. Contact Legends Sheet Metal today for custom sheet metal fabrication in McKinney, TX.