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Sheet Metal Services in McKinney, Texas

Sheet Metal Services in Dallas–Fort Worth, Texas

Sheet Metal Services in McKinney, TexasThroughout DFW, businesses and residents need sheet metal services. Metal fabrication is essential to construction projects, and getting custom jobs can be expensive and time consuming. We offer efficient, reliable metal fabrication to high standards that you can still afford. You can get custom metal components for any job, from roofing to gutters to fencing.

Fabrication is only the first step. We also offer joining services. Riveting and soldering are available to join your custom fabrications and make them strong, safe, and resistant to corrosion. 

Additionally, we offer metal and folding services to craft forms that can hold immense weight and serve precise functions. When you go over each of our services in detail, you’ll see that we are the one-stop service center for all of your sheet metal needs in McKinney. Allow us to provide the tools and skills to make your metalwork at a quality that matches your reputation. 

Custom Metal Fabrication

We have been providing custom metal fabrication services to clients throughout Dallas/Fort Worth for years. We have knowledgeable experts, steady hands and precision equipment for every facet of metal fabrication. We work with sheet metal, variable steels, aluminum, and soft metals. We can press, bend, cut, and shape metal as you need it.

We also offer consulting options. If you’re not entirely sure what metal solution is best for your project, we can help you consider your options. Once the design is set, you’ll get custom-fabricated metals that are strong and exactly to your specifications.

If you need siding, crown molding, roofing, chimney caps, gutters, or metal fence panels, we can make them with custom designs. For commercial services, we fabricate roof components, soffit, fascia, caps, pans, gravel guards, boxed gutters, awnings, and post coverings. We can make any specific metalwork that is necessary for your building, and we’ll do it for a competitive price and on an accommodating timeline.

Riveting Metal

We don’t stop at fabrication. Once you have the forms you need, we can help you join it. Our riveting services are robust and diverse. We join as many metals as we fabricate, allowing you to get permanent, non-welded fastening for aluminum, countless varieties of steel, and other strong metals that need permanent joints.

We rivet roofing components, fencing components, and other strong forms that need to hold up to weather, pressure, and other sources of adversity. With riveting, you get genuinely permanent joints without the risks associated with welding and grinding. Forms that can’t handle the high temperatures and corrosive risks of welding, along with joints that simply aren’t accessible to welding, can still be reliably joined by a tried and tested method.

Metal Rolling

When you need specific shapes that are impeccably strong, you probably need our metal-rolling services. We can work in large, powerful pieces, and we can roll smaller, specific forms. This allows us to craft roofing, siding, and fencing components that are durable and resistant to corrosion. They hold vital structural pieces in place and form to specific functions. Caps, polls, and other parts are all viable targets of our metal-rolling services.

There is a reason that metal rolling is one of the leading techniques for metal fabrication. Rolled metals can be crafted to specific thicknesses and shapes without risking the integrity of the metal’s structure. Rolled metals are the most common load-bearing pieces in large-scale construction for a reason, and you can have that strength applied to any component you need in your project.

Folding Metal

When rolling isn’t the right application, we also offer folding. Our folding and forging techniques allow for impressive three-dimensional shapes that retain the important properties of metalwork. They are strong and hold to your conducting and/or grounding needs. They can withstand high temperatures and tough environments. Our metal folding is another aspect of custom metal work to provide multiple solutions to every problem.

Folded forms are particularly useful for roofing caps. You can get a perfect shape that caps a point of ingress and protects the roof from water and elements that could threaten the integrity of the entire building. Folded-metal caps can be secured with our joining services to ensure that they are in fact water tight and ready to stand the test of time.

Sheet Metal Soldering

When you need ingress protection in your joints, you want to add soldering to the equation. Our sheet metal soldering services allow you more flexibility in your joints without sacrificing form or function. When appropriate, we can pair soldering with riveting to make joints that are permanent, impervious to fluids, and resistant to the high-heat techniques of welding. When joints get tricky, soldering is a powerful resource to overcome challenges.

Soldering is particularly important when soft metals and low-temperature materials are involved. It’s common to work with materials that can’t handle the higher-heat joining methods. When you’re in that boat, soldering is the perfect alternative. Soldered joints are still precise and durable, and they don’t leave gaps that could ultimately ruin your construction.

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