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Soffit and Fascia Fabricated in McKinney, TX

Dallas/Fort Worth Fascia and Soffit Fabrication

Soffit and Fascia Fabricated in McKinney, TX

Soffits and fascia are incredibly important roof accessories, keeping pests out of roofs and protecting the roof and surrounding walls from weather and water damage. Soffits fit underneath the overhang of the roof, while fascia is installed to protect the edges of the roof. If you need soffit and fascia fabricated for your roof installation or repair project, Legends Sheet Metal can help.

Soffit and fascia need to be custom-fabricated to account for the build of a home or business’s roofing. Metal soffit and fascia are the most durable because they cannot be peeled up or burrowed into by pests. Both soffit and fascia affect the overall appearance of the roof and the property. If you need custom fascia-soffit for a roof installation, repair, or replacement in the DFW area, contact Legends Sheet Metal today. Our fabrication team is located in McKinney, TX.

Residential Soffit and Fascia

Residential homes have many styles of soffit and fascia, depending on the style of the roof. Some properties have very little roof overhang, and therefore require little in the way of soffit. Others have severe overhang and need more extensive soffits. Some have very thin and unobtrusive fascia, while others have very bold and classical fascia.

Because it depends on the style of the residential home, the soffit and fascia should be created custom. At Legends Sheet Metal, we can create residential soffits and fascia that are specifically designed to blend into the property, its style, and its existing roof.

Commercial Fascia-Soffit

Commercial fascia and soffit need to be extremely durable and easy to maintain. We can create custom fascia and soffits for commercial properties that will last a long time and require minimal maintenance. 

For commercial properties, metal soffit and fascia are ideal. Fascia, soffit, and trim work will all work together to create an attractive roof that is also protected against pests and weather. Soffit venting and other accessories can be cut into the soffit with precision. 

Aluminum is often the chosen material for fascia and soffits because it’s affordable, attractive, and lightweight. The lighter the soffit and fascia, the easier it is to install, and the less likely it is to need continued maintenance later on. 

Fascia and soffit can come in multiple materials, but metal often proves to be the most durable and the best for energy-efficiency. Contact the experts at Legends Sheet Metal to find out more about custom soffit and fascia fabrication.