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Metal Roof Ridge Caps Fabricated in McKinney, TX

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Metal Roof Ridge Caps McKinney TX

Metal roof ridge caps are an important part of overall roof fabrication. Roof ridge caps seal up and hide the joint between the sides of the roof, providing additional protection to the roof while also bringing the entire look of the roof together. At Legends Sheet Metal in McKinney, TX, we provide metal ridge cap fabrication for both residential and commercial roofing projects.

Ridge caps need to be fabricated to match the roof. We can custom create a metal ridge that is perfectly fabricated to fit any commercial or residential property, thereby increasing the strength and the appearance of the roof. Metal ridge caps can be designed to suit multiple roof styles, or placed with a ridge vent as desired. 

If you’re working on a metal roof and need a custom ridge cap to bring it all together, contact Legends Sheet Metal today. We fabricate metal roof ridge caps for both large and small repair and roof installation projects. Contact us for metal roof accessories in McKinney, TX and the surrounding DFW metroplex.

Residential Ridge Rolls

Residential metal ridge caps will connect at the joint where roof sides meet, connecting both sides together and also forming a protective brace. The ridge roll will prevent water from flowing beneath the two sides of the roof, and therefore improve the water-resistance of the entire roof. Roof ventilation can also be installed within ridge caps, which will prevent water from flowing through, but will ventilate the space under the roof as well. 

If you’re working on a residential roof installation or repair, contact Legends Sheet Metal. Our metal roof accessories are custom-made and designed to last.

Commercial Ridge Caps

Commercial ridge caps can be designed in multiple formats, depending on the desired style. They can be smooth, have ridges, include vents, or be otherwise custom designed. A commercial ridge cap, like a residential cap, fits where the two sides of the roof meet and protects the two sides from damage such as hail, and water intrusion. This important finishing work also makes the roof look attractive and complete.

Because metal roof ridge caps are customized and cut to suit the project, it’s important to get a reliable and accurate sheet metal company. Our talented technicians are able to easily fabricate all types of roof accessories. Roof ridge caps can be customized to match not only the roof itself, but also trim, soffits, and more.

Whether you have a small residential project or a large commercial one, Legends Sheet Metal can help. Contact us today if you need ridge caps fabricated for your roofing project in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.