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Pitch Pans Fabricated in McKinney, TX

DFW Pitch Pan Fabricators

Pitch Pans Fabricated in McKinney, TX

Are you working to repair a commercial or residential roof leak? Are you about to install a new vent, HVAC system, or plumbing system? In all these situations, you may need to have new pitch pans fabricated. Legends Sheet Metal provides pitch pan fabrication and custom-designed pitch pans throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our talented McKinney, TX technicians can get you everything you need to make sure that your roof remains uncompromised and water-tight.

Pitch pan fabrication needs to be precise, as otherwise water can pour around a pipe or vent and intrude into multiple layers of a building. At Legends Sheet Metal, we provide custom-designed pitch pan fabrication and flashing, designed to safely protect the roof and everything underneath it. Our precise-fit products will ensure that water can’t get in under the roof where it could cause untold thousands of damage. 

Our McKinney, TX office serves roofing contractors throughout the DFW area. Whether you need a single pitch pan fabricated or dozens for a commercial build, the team at Legends Sheet Metal can help. Contact us for all your roof accessory needs!

Residential Pitch Pan Flashing

When pitch pans don’t work properly, they can funnel water directly into a property around pipes, vents, and other equipment that’s protruding from the roof. That’s why it’s so important to have the right pitch pans fabricated and installed.

We’re able to create cost-effective and durable pitch pans for residential roofs, whether you need to install them around a new piece of equipment or you need to replace old, failing pitch pans. You can contact us to take a look at the options we have available or to get a custom quote.

Commercial Roof Pitch Pans

Commercial roofs often need an extensive number of pitch pans. Pitch pans may come in a number of sizes, but they have to be sized correctly to the equipment and the roof or they aren’t going to be effective. We create custom pitch pans that are designed specifically for each roof application to make sure that a commercial roof isn’t going to leak.

The strength of a roof is determined by the weakest link, and if there are open vents and broken pitch pans on the roof, then the roof itself is going to leak even if the rest of the roof is new and well-maintained. Getting a commercial roof pitch pan crafted correctly is essential for making sure that the roof doesn’t allow moisture into the property below.

Pitch pans are among some of the most useful and important roofing accessories. If you’re working on a roof installation, restoration, or repair project and need custom pitch pans fabricated, contact Legends Sheet Metal today. We fabricate metal accessories for roofing projects throughout the DFW area.