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Gable/Rake Trim Fabricators in McKinney, TX

Metal Roof Edge Trim Fabricators in North Texas

Gable/Rake Trim Fabricators in McKinney, TX

Edge trim fabrication protects roofs from potential damage, keeping the roof itself tied tightly to the structure underneath. Depending on the appearance of the property, metal roof edge trim can be relatively austere or bold and dramatic. For both commercial and residential properties, edge trim goes on the edge of the roof and keeps it flat against the surface, thereby making it less likely for moisture to get under the roof itself. Residential rake trim and commercial gable trim options, both custom fit, are available. Contact us today to learn more about our gable/rake trim options or to request a custom quote.

Residential Rake Trim

Residential properties will usually need a simple rake trim, which will finish the project and make sure that the roof is tightly fit to the underlying structure. Rake trims can be custom fit for any roof and designed to match the existing style. If you are working on a residential roof and need metal gable trim fabricated, contact Legends Sheet Metal today. 

Commercial Gable Trim

Commercial gable trim is both decorative and functional, and it’s designed to make sure that water and weather won’t separate the roof from the frame. We can custom-design metal rake trim that’s designed to keep the roof you’re working on in good shape for many years to come. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our custom gable trim fabrication for residential and commercial roofing projects, contact us today. At Legends Sheet Metal, we fabricate a wide variety of custom sheet metal roofing accessories, and we’re available to help you out with your project. Contact us today for help with any roofing project in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.