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Custom Chimney Caps Fabricated in McKinney, TX

DFW Chimney Cover Fabrication

Custom chimney caps are a quick way to protect a property while also giving it some personality. Chimney caps fit directly over the chimney and can be designed in a multitude of eye-catching, attractive, and useful styles. But they aren’t just designed to enhance the appearance of a roof. If you need custom chimney caps in McKinney or the rest of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact Legends Sheet Metal. There are a few important things that chimney caps do.

Protect Your Home from Pests

Chimney caps prevent a chimney from becoming the home to squirrels, birds, and other pests. If you don’t want pests getting in during the colder months, or making the chimney their home during the longer summer months, a chimney cap is exactly what you need. Pests can easily enter a chimney and get into other areas of the home if it’s not protected. To make sure that the chimney is properly protected from pests, you need a custom chimney cover. This will ensure that there is a tight seal on the chimney and that it matches the roof’s style. 

Keep Embers Off Your Roof

When your chimney is in use, it’s possible for embers to float out and to burn parts of your roof. It could even start a fire. Chimney caps are made of a fireproof metal and can help keep those embers off your roof and safely tucked within the chimney itself.

Make Your Roof More Attractive

Your roof may look rather plain, but that can be resolved with the right chimney caps. Custom chimney caps can dramatically change the appearance of a roof, especially if they are designed in more intricate styles. 

Chimney caps are available for both commercial and residential properties in Dallas/Fort Worth, depending on your needs. We can show you a variety of chimney cap styles depending on the roof’s structure. Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, Legends Sheet Metal can make sure that you get a custom chimney cap to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our custom chimney covers or to request a quote.