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Box Gutters Fabricated in McKinney, TX

Box Gutter Fabrication in Dallas/Fort Worth

Box Gutters Fabricated in McKinney, TX

Like most gutters, box gutters collect the flow of water during rain and redirect them away from a property. However, box gutters are a special kind of gutter and need to be properly designed. 

Do you need box gutters for your Dallas/Fort Worth roofing job? Box gutters are custom designed to the size and style of a commercial or residential building. Depending on the property you’re working on, you may need larger or smaller gutters, and you may need to consider different types of metal for your gutters. Leave it up to the professionals at Legends Sheet Metal.

Residential Box Gutters

Some properties don’t come with box gutters installed, or have old box gutters that have become bent and damaged. Getting box gutters updated and fixed is critical because without them, a home could experience serious water or foundation damage. Residential gutters will need to be repaired as they get bent or damaged, or they may not perform well, and may easily get clogged.

Residential box gutters don’t just need to be durable, but they also have to be attractive. You don’t want gutters that are mismatched to a home. Box gutters can be paintable, come in a variety of textures and finishes, and be made of different metals to match the house they’re attached to. 

Commercial Box Gutters

Commercial box gutters often have to be larger and heavier in construction than residential ones because the roofs (and therefore the water flow) are larger. Depending on your construction, commercial box gutters will need to be designed to handle the amount of water that will flow from the property’s roofs. 

Because box gutters are positioned across the exterior of the property, they can easily become damaged. Once damaged, they may either route water towards the property, or they may just become clogged. Equally important to getting the right gutters is maintaining them well and repairing them when necessary.

Do you need to update the box gutters on a residential or commercial property? At Legends Sheet Metal, we can custom design gutters for your project in McKinney and throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Contact us today for a quote.