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Roofing Accessories Fabricated in McKinney, TX

Roofing Accessories McKinney TX

Need roofing accessories fabricated in McKinney, TX? At Legends Sheet Metal, we produce high-quality metal roof accessories throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

There are dozens of accessories installed on roofs to make them both durable and attractive, and there are few areas of a building as critical as the roof itself. For roofs, we can custom fit and design a number of accessories that are intended to keep roofs waterproof and durable.

Here’s a list of some of the accessories we provide. Not sure which you need? Not a problem. You can contact our McKinney, TX office to find out more about how our services can help you.

Metal Roof Accessories – Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

From gutters to chimney caps, we provide affordable, durable accessories for Dallas/Fort Worth roofs. Our extensive sheet metal fabrication services are open to both contractors and property owners, with no job too large or too small. Roofing parts need to be robust and long-lasting, requiring accurate cutting, high tolerances, and impeccable craftsmanship.

There are many types of metal that are used on roof installations, from steel to aluminum, depending on the roof’s appearance, budget, and design. There are also metals better suited to certain accessories, and there are certain designs that will fit a home or business better. We can help you find the right parts for your roof.

Box Gutters

Box gutters are a specific type of gutter, often intended for aesthetic as well as practical purposes. Both commercial and residential properties may need updates to their box gutters or to have box gutters installed. We’re able to customize box gutters to any roof and build to make sure that they are strong, attractive, and leak-proof. Not sure what type of gutters you need? We can help!

Custom Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are both attractive decor and necessary appliances. A chimney cap protects the chimney from the intrusion of wild animals, reduces moisture, and protects the roof from embers from the chimney. Our custom chimney caps can be designed in a variety of manners to best match the needs and aesthetic preferences of the homeowner.

Gable/Rake Trim

Trim is critical for ensuring that nothing gets under a residential or commercial roof. If you want a roof to last a long time, especially during high winds and bad weather, gable/rake trim will help. We can design gable/rake trim to suit any roof and roofing style.

Gravel Guards

Gravel guards will keep gravel neatly in place, making sure that gravel doesn’t run off with water, and doesn’t have to be consistently maintained. Guards can be customized to any amount of gravel and style of roof. 

Parapet Caps

Protect the edges of a roof with parapet caps! Parapet caps can be designed in a number of styles depending on the desired silhouette. Streamlined, slanted, rounded, and more: these designs can be as simple or complex as desired. 

Pitch Pans

Pitch pans will prevent water from intruding into a roof in areas where there are protrusions, such as vents. A well-made pitch pan is going to not only extend the life of the roof, but also help protect everything inside a home or business.

Roof Ridge Caps

At the very top of every roof are roof ridge caps. Depending on the style of the roof, metal roof ridge caps can be customized to fit. If you are repairing an existing roof or need parts for a brand new roof, we can help.

Soffit and Fascia

Soffits and fascia perform the extremely important task of protecting from both weather and pests. Not only that, but they’re also great ways to enhance the design of a building. Our custom soffit and fascia can change the look and feel of a business or home, while also protecting it.

Z Flashing

Properly made z-flashing is critical for forming a tight seal between connecting pieces. Without the right z-flashing for a roof, pieces may not be held in proper alignment. At Legends Sheet Metal, we can make z-flashing that is designed specifically for your project, with tight corners and tighter tolerances.

We provide everything that you need for your roof in terms of accessories and essential parts. From critical core components such as z-flashing to more attractive design features like chimney caps, we can design roof accessories to suit any roof style. We can fabricate parts for both residential and commercial roofs throughout McKinney and the entire Dallas/Fort Worth region, and we’re able to complete both small and large jobs.

Contact us at Legends Sheet Metal today for a consultation or a quote. If you’re not sure what products you need, or if you don’t know how to design them, we can help.