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Metal Fabrication Services in Royse City, TX

Best Custom Metal Fabrication in Royse City, TX

If there’s one building material that edges out the rest, it’s metal. At Legends Sheet Metal, it’s our goal to deliver only the finest custom-fabricated sheet metals for Royse City, TX, contractors, commercial property owners, and homeowners. 

To best serve the needs of our customers, we rely on only the highest-quality materials and industry-best machinery to create attractive products built to last. We specialize in a variety of advanced metal fabrication techniques, including soldering, rolling, searing, punching, welding, and riveting, so no matter your project goals, we’re equipped to help you meet them.   

To meet a wide variety of project goals, we specialize in custom crafting an extensive selection of high-quality sheet metals including:

  • Ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Soft metals
  • Traditional and stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Copper, brass, silver, and mild steel

Regardless of your metal fabrication needs, our experienced team is ready to meet them, so get in touch today to schedule your consultation or get a free estimate!

Royse City Metal Roofing Accessories

Metal roofing is recognized for its durability and longevity, but to get the most out of a metal roof, quality accessories are essential. At Legends Sheet Metal, we provide a wide selection of metal-fabrication services for discerning Royse City contractors, commercial property owners, and homeowners. We specialize in crafting a variety of fully customized roofing accessories, including:

  • Box gutters and covers
  • Z-flashing
  • Chimney caps
  • Parapet caps
  • Pitch pans
  • Soffits, fascia, and trim

If you’re in the market for long-lasting, custom-designed metal roofing materials that meet your exact specifications, get in touch with our team today to schedule a consultation or get a free estimate.

Corrugated or Flat Metal Siding Panels

In our ever-fluctuating Texas climate, quality siding is essential for protecting your commercial or residential building. And of all siding materials on the market today, metal is perhaps the most well-recognized option for weather resistance, impact resistance, and long-term performance. At Legends Sheet Metal, our experienced fabricators can craft corrugated or flat metal siding panels to accommodate virtually any structural design or building size. If you’re looking for low-maintenance, durable, attractive siding, let our dedicated team help you create it!

Metal Fence Panels Crafted Near Royse City

If you’re in the market for a protective, low-maintenance fencing material, custom-crafted sheet metal fencing is a worthwhile consideration. Not only does metal offer superior longevity, it also withstands virtually all weather conditions, ensuring your Royse City property is well protected. Whether you’re looking for fence panels or posts, we can craft a custom-designed solution that precisely meets your needs. 

No metal fabrication project is too large, small, or complex for our team to tackle, so get in touch with us today to start planning your Royse City project! You can reach us at 972-542-6295 or fill out our online contact form, and a member of our team will contact you promptly.