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Metal Fabrication Services in Prosper, TX

Best Custom Metal Fabrication in Prosper, TX

The metal fabricators from Legends Sheet Metal use state-of-the-art bending, cutting, finishing, and forming machinery to create a comprehensive variety of customized metal products. Thanks to our dedicated approach to solving the most complex problems involving fabrication of metal, we have established a reputation for providing products to Prosper residential and commercial customers that meet rigorous standards and specifications.

Whether meant for functional or aesthetic purposes, Legends Sheet Metal’s customized metal fabrication products represent the evolution of handcrafted metal works. We are not a business that simply pumps out “one-size-fits-all” metal products from robotic production lines. Instead, Legends Sheet Metal provides sheet metal fabrications to our valued Prosper customers that meet or exceed their specifications and expectations. We adhere to a hands-on, customer-oriented approach that combines cutting-edge sheet metal fabrication technologies, tools, and machinery. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your project.

Prosper Metal Roofing Accessories

Certain types of metal work best for roof accessories, but what kind of metal is suitable depends on a roof’s design and structural dimensions. If you aren’t sure what kind of metal should be used for gutters, fascia, soffits, trim, chimney caps and other roof components, contact us today, and we’ll help you choose the right metal for your needs. One component in particular we get questions about are chimney caps. Meant to prevent pest intrusions, decrease moisture, and protect a roof from hot chimney embers, chimney caps should be customized to fit precisely and seamlessly.

Legends Sheet Metal can make any roof component your project requires. Call today to ask about our roof accessory services.

Corrugated or Flat Metal Siding Panels

Flat metal or corrugated siding panels made by our sheet metal fabricators in Prosper, TX, provide functional and attractive aspects to commercial and residential wall applications. Corrugated metal panels offer two choices: exposed or concealed fasteners. With concealed fasteners, a corrugated wall panel will feature multiple interlocking hems. However, fasteners remain hidden in hems to give the appearance of flush or reveal panels. Alternately, corrugated wall panels with exposed fasteners will have fasteners affixed to the substrate through the panel’s face.

Legends Sheet Metal fabricates metal wall panels for both vertical or horizontal installation. Call today for more information.

Metal Fence Panels Crafted Near Prosper, TX

Whether you want steel, aluminum, or another type of metal fencing, Legends Sheet Metal can craft the most intricate designs you want to include your fence specifications. Metal fences are durable, affordable, and attractive and need little maintaining. They also work great when placed on sloped landscapes where the risk of ground failure is high. For security purposes, you can’t beat a fabricated sheet metal fence. Heavy, powerful and long lasting, metal security fences will keep your home or business protected against criminals.

When you choose Legends Sheet Metal, you get quality, accuracy and superior finished products integrated with laser-focused attention to your needs. Contact us today to get started on completing your sheet metal fabrication project in Prosper.